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  • A WondAroma Podcast

    A WondAroma Podcast

    Happy New Year! Episode 10 of the WondAroma podcast features the Pell Wall perfumer Chris Bartlett talking to Christine Daley of Perfumer Supply House about: how Pell Wall came about the process of composing a fragrance and  a handful of interesting ingredients including Geosmin, Green Tea Givco, Skatole, Theaspirane and Zenolide. The audio quality starts […]

  • Pell Wall: Best Discovery of 2014

    Pell Wall: Best Discovery of 2014

    Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall As 2014 races to the finish line, I’m pleased to report that Pell Wall has featured as the Best Discovery of 2014 on the much respected Perfume Shrine blog by Elena Vosnaki, who has also just published a fantastic review of Pretty in Pink on the Fragrantica website: not […]

  • Zoologist Perfumes, Beaver

    It’s common knowledge in the industry, but not so common elsewhere, that perfumes are frequently composed by perfumers who are not associated with the company that markets them.  Commonly those perfumers work for one of the big ingredients houses, perhaps under the guidance of a designer from the brand for which the perfume is being […]

  • Pell Wall featured in Management Today

    Chris Bartlett – Perfumer at Pell Wall Pell Wall’s perfumer Chris Bartlett is featured in an article in Management Today: not an organ of the press most usually associated with perfumery and all the more worth readying for that.  Apparently we’re like punk rockers . . .

  • Pell Wall the Maverick

    Pell Wall features with other independent perfumers in the September issue of one of London’s regional upmarket-lifestyle magazines Absolutely South East in an article by Lawrence Roullier White on Rebel Perfumers an association I’m rather pleased with: thanks Lawrence!

  • How To Make Perfume

    The spread at the beginning of the article as it appeared in print on 3rd August 2014 If you want to make perfume yourself and are looking for help to get you started, this is the place. Here are links to methods, sources of ingredients, recommended equipment and advice: everything I wished I could find […]

  • Interview with an Indie Perfumer

    The Perfumer’s Organ at Pell Wall The charming Clare Wood interviewed me at my London hotel a few weeks ago.  We talked about aroma chemicals, natural perfumery materials, the art and science of perfumery, other perfumers I admire and what to do if you’re looking to get started in the business. You can read the […]

  • Pell Wall Perfume on ITV This Morning Show

    Two fragrances from Pell Wall’s 1953 range, a couple of pieces of ambergris that I keep for demonstration purposes, some synthetic ambergris and some of my ambergris tinctures are featured on this section of the ITV This Morning show from Friday 2nd May. The whole segment is a bit bonkers, featuring as it does a […]

  • Pretty in Pink Review

    Just a little blog post today to say a big Thank You to The Perfumed Dandy for his charming review of Pretty in Pink, published today as the first of his Festival of Roses series of reviews.  Roses are one of the most fascinating of all flowers – thought to be the oldest decorative plant […]

  • Pell Wall in Vogue

    The December issue of Vogue features Pell Wall’s Gin & Lime in their Vapour Trail section, which is part of the ‘All I Want For Christmas’ feature towards the end of the magazine. Vapour Trail – Vogue December 2013 Vogue Dec 2013 Gin & Lime by Pell Wall