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Haiku – a hypoallergenic fragrance by Pell Wall

Hypoallergenic Fragrances 

Some of the materials used in perfume can cause allergic or sensitising reactions in a small number of people. For those who suffer with such allergy wearing a perfume can be difficult, so I’ve set out to design perfumes with the minimum allergen content. It is of course impossible to be certain that any material will not cause a reaction in someone, but this is designed to give the minimum possible risk. 
Haiku by Pell Wall


My first hypoallergenic perfume is also an unusual and interesting scent. Rich with tropical fruit and precious woods it is as distinctive as it is useful. 
Haiku is designed to provide a light, fresh, clean and lasting, unisex scent with dominant fruity and woody notes and enough complexity to maintain interest without including ingredients liable to cause skin irritation even in those with very sensitive skins. 
A scent for those who usually can’t wear cologne or perfume. 
If you have tried Haiku and would like to comment on it, please do so here. If not, why not buy some?

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  • Unknown


    I would love to try this fragrance! I was introduced to hypoallergenic products when I discovered pure encapsulations– hypoallergenic vitamins- and I discovered a lot of my skin issues could be solved by using similar products in my beauty routine.


  • Hi,

    Is this the same Haiku fragrance that is distributed by the Avon company? I LOVE it!


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