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Special Offer Ingredients

Clearance Bargain Ingredients – only one of each!

From time to time people order perfumery ingredients from me and, either because they say they are in a hurry or just because I’m trying to keep ahead of things, I make up the order before they pay . . . then sometimes they don’t pay, either because they changed their minds, ran out of money or perhaps because it was just a wind-up or a fantasy…

Me in declamation mode 😉

Whatever the case I put the material aside to include in a future order but one way and another the storage shelf has become rather cluttered with these orphans, so I’ve decided it’s time to shift them, so here’s your chance to snag yourself a serious bargain:

  • Azarbre, 10mlsold
  • Azarbre, 25mlsold
  • Camphene at 50% in IPM, 100mlsold
  • Cedarwood Atlas Supra, 100mlsold
  • Dihydro Ionone Beta, 10mlsold
  • Fixateur 505E, 100ml, sold
  • Fixateur 505E, 100ml, £99 *New*
  • Geosmin at 1% in DPG, 100ml, sold
  • Hedione (original Firmenich), 1Kgsold
  • Hexalon / Tropical Ionone, 10mlsold
  • Hydrocinnamaldehyde, 25mlsold
  • Ionone alpha, 100mlsold
  • Iso E Super, 200mlsold
  • Iso E Super, 100ml, sold
  • Methyl Diantilis, sold
  • Musk Ketone at 10% in BB/ethanol, 1Kgsold
  • Myrcene, 5ml, free with anything else
  • Nectarate, 100mlsold
  • Nutty Pyrazine, at 0.1% in IPM, 4ml, free with anything else
  • Olibanum Resinoid (Frankincense resin) 30% in TEC, 500g £35 *New*
  • Orris Givco 204, 500g sold 
  • Rose Givco 217, 25ml, sold
  • Rose Otto Persian, 30mlsold
  • Rum Acetal at 50% in DPG, 25mlsold
  • Traseolide, 500g £29 *New*
  • Veramoss/Evernyl, 30gsold
  • Zenolide, 100mlsold

Note that in each case what’s on offer is the specific size indicated: if you wanted another size they are all on the list (except Rum Acetal which I no-longer stock), but then you don’t get the benefit of the special clearance price.  Note 13/3/15: Just added Musk Ketone, pre-dissolved in benzyl benzoate and ethanol – a real bargain as it’s notoriously hard to get into solution – and another one I no-longer stock having changed over to IFF’s Musk Ketone Replacer.

UK Shipping on these is, as usual for ingredient sales, at the flat rate of £9.50 however many or few you buy.  If you’re anywhere else in the world, I’ll have to quote.

If you want to combine these with an order from the main lists that’s absolutely fine, but pay for these first or you might miss them while you’re browsing through the 300 other materials on offer!

Payments by PayPal or fast Bank Transfer please to secure them: Send an email to enquiry@pellwall-perfumes.com saying what you want and where you are.  I’ll process those in the order they arrive.

Order quickly to avoid disappointment!

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