Are Pell Wall products suitable for use in food?

Are Pell Wall products suitable for use in food?

  Products   |     3 years ago

None of the products available in the Pell Wall shop are certified as food grade by us.

In many cases the materials we buy in are food grade and will almost certainly be perfectly safe to use in food if you know what you’re doing: many customers use our products in food or drink.  However Pell Wall does not use handling methods compliant with food preparation regulations.

Many other products are totally unsuitable for food use either because they are toxic when ingested or we are selling them in a solvent suitable for perfumery that isn’t edible (such as DPG for example).

The Pell Wall Perfumer isn’t a flavorist, and therefore isn’t qualified to advise on safe usage, levels or application: so if you wish to use any of our ingredients in food you must take responsibility for making your own assessment as to their safety and suitability for the purpose.

  3 years ago