I've checked out and realised I missed something: can I add to my order?

I've checked out and realised I missed something: can I add to my order?

  Orders   |     3 years ago

As long as your order hasn't been shipped yet, Yes:

Use the button below to reveal your coupon code or contact us by phone or email to request a code from us then place another order using this code as a coupon code at checkout which will give you free shipping providing you have an unfulfilled, fully paid order with us already. 

Once you have obtained the code, place your order as normal using the code at checkout. There is no need for you to email us about this as your order will be automatically tagged by our system as an order amendment which means we will print the packing slip and attach it it to your previously printed packing lists ensuring it will not be missed when we come to fulfill your original order.

Please note that once the packing list for your order has been printed, order amendments will no longer be accepted.

At least one unfulfilled, fully paid order is required. We will take a very dim view of this coupon code being used without an existing order or when you have been notified that your existing order has already shipped and will invoice for shipping accordingly, cancellations of such orders may be charged an administration fee and if we deem you to have intentionally tried to misuse the coupon to obtain free delivery you may be prevented from shopping with us in the future.


  3 years ago