Are Pell Wall prices inclusive of VAT?

Are Pell Wall prices inclusive of VAT?

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If you’re logged in to with an IP address that is recognisably in the United Kingdom you’ll see prices including VAT, if you appear to be outside the area you’ll see prices excluding VAT automatically.

The site functions like so: products display VAT included prices on the product page, that price is also what you see in your cart once they are added to the cart, the checkout form shows a breakdown of the price excluding VAT and the amount of VAT charged. VAT isn’t being added twice.

Please note that if you are browsing from outside the UK but want your order shipped to somewhere within the UK, for example because it’s a gift or you’re travelling here, then we have to charge VAT on the order and that will be added when you checkout.

Brexit has meant that there is no-longer a link bettween EU and UK VAT so if you are in the EU we won't charge UK VAT on your order, but it is likely that your own Government will charge VAT on Import: we have no control over this and you will be responsible for paying the tax to the appropriate tax authoritiy in your country.

  3 years ago