Do you ship to my Country?

Do you ship to my Country?

  Shipping   |     2 years ago

Almost certainly yes.

We ship worldwide, the only exceptions are areas that the UK is currently enforcing sanctions or restrictions against or that is an active war zone. Please see our delivery information page for more details.

Since Brexit we have encountered difficulties with customs in some European countries and in some cases have stopped shipping to those countries (countries affected are listed on the delivery information page).  Often the problem relates to restrictions imposed in those countries on imports of cosmetics and in that case if you have a company and a license as required by your countries regulations, we may be able to make an exception for you: if that is the case please get in touch prior to ordering.

If you are not offered a shipping option when you go to checkout, please check the delivery information page to first see whether there is a reason we are not shipping to your country and if not then you may contact us so that we can cost and make available a shipping rate for your country.

  2 years ago