Can you supply an invoice / reciept for my order?

Can you supply an invoice / reciept for my order?

  Orders   |     10 months ago

Your order confirmation is your invoice, and if you've paid, it is also your reciept for payment. It contains our company details and an itemised breakdown of your order. We do not supply invoices in any other format.

Also please note that we will never supply copies of order related information to a third party except as necessary to fulfil and deliver your order: if someone else requires a copy of your order details you must supply that yourself, it would be a breach of the data protection rules for us to do so.

We do not charge VAT for orders outside of the UK.

Our shipping system generates commercial invoices for Customs authorities electronically - these are not created for U.K. orders as they are not required. Please bear this in mind if you plan to ship your order Internationally yourself.

  10 months ago