Will I have to pay tax on my order?

Will I have to pay tax on my order?

  Orders   |     6 months ago

If you are in the UK, we will automatically charge VAT on your order and no other taxes aply - please see other answers conserning VAT for more details.

If you are ordering from anywhere else in the world we will not charge VAT on your order but you will have to pay whatever duties, taxes or other levies are due on delivery: the level of these varies depending on the destination country and we are not responsible for those charges, cannot advise on how much they might be, or assit you if you disagree with them: those are matters controlled by your Government and not something we can get involved with under any circumstances.

We sometimes get requests to falsify the Customs Declaration we make, to reduce the taxes and duties, but that would be illegal and we won't do so.

  6 months ago