Why are products sold by weight?

Why are products sold by weight?

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We prefer to sell ingredients by weight wherever possible because it’s more accurate and also the perfumery industry standard is to measure everything by weight.  Previously very small amounts were sold by volume – 10ml and 5ml – however we now sell even these small sizes by weight and so you will get 5g or 10g. Because everything is sold by weight rather than volume we often need to use larger bottles than you might expect so you may see widely different fill levels in the bottle due the wide variations in the specific gravity of perfume making materials.  Of course some materials come as a powder in which case different containers are used but it's still always sold by weight.

The only things we still sell by volume are a few solvents and in those cases it is clearly indicated in the product description.  Also the bottles in our kits are also filled to the sholder and so are also done by volume rather than weight.

Further details of why we prefer to use weight as a measurement is set out in this blog post where you will also find advice on what sort of scale to buy for the purpose:

Weight or Volume?

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