Are ingredients available in 10ml sizes always liquids?

Are ingredients available in 10ml sizes always liquids?

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Note that we no-longer sell most ingredients by volume in any size - 10g has replaced 10ml - only a few solvents and the contents of some kits are still sold by volume.

Some ingredients come as a powder and some as a solid that is melted for use. Where this is the case it says so in the product description. You can also tell by checking which tags the material has – if it’s normally sold as a liquid it will be have the Liquids tag if it’s crystals or a solid that requires melting it will have the Solids tag.

Some materials have both tags where we offer both an undiluted solid and a dilution in a solvent; where the material has a melting point close to room temperature and so may arrive liquid or solid depending on the weather; or in very few cases because the material comes as a semi-solid mass: again check the description for details.

An example of what those tags look like:

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