Are Pell Wall products suitable for use in candles?

Are Pell Wall products suitable for use in candles?

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In most cases yes they are.  However every material is different and you will need to conduct your own research and experiments to see how different materials behave in different formulations and waxes.

To help get you started here are some considerations that apply to multiple materials:

  • DPG does not work well in wax - you can get away with very tiny amounts - but in general you should avoid any material dissolved in DPG and instead either buy it undiluted or in a more suitable solvent.
  • TEC works with most waxes
  • IPM is successful in all waxes
  • DOA is probably the best solvent for candle fragrances of all, but as it's not much use in other things we don't sell pre-dissolved materials in this solvent so you would need to make your own dilutions.

In general the higher the LogP value the more likely a material is to work well in candles - LogP values below 1 are unlikely to be successful except in very tiny proportions.

For more details about LogP and solvents see this FAQ answer.

  9 months ago